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How to Perform Better

Performing Better in your Sport has never been this Easy:

-Use  Products
-Exercise Daily for 20 Minutes
-Use the Bands
-Do Sport Specific Training with the  Bands


Simply follow our program below for combining  Products and Exercises


Products for Better Performance

- Collagen fortified morning smoothie
- Promotes healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints
- Enriched with DHA, Flax Seed, and Coconut Oil
- Protein, fiber, antioxidants and natural caffeine for energy

- Provides 20 grams of protein
- Enriched with DHA, Flax Seed, Coconut Oil, Fiber and  antioxidants
- Perfect for all members of the family, even kids

- Delicious Cherry flavor
- Provides Energy and Focus
- Perfect for mid-day energy boost, and/or pre-exercise

Why it works
- Provides high quality protein and nutrition
- Provides energy throughout the day
- Increases your daily intake of water

Exercise for Better Performance

Exercises with  Bands will:
- Increase Resting Metabolism
- Build and maintain lean muscle
- Increase strength

Increasing Resting Metabolism
-The rate at which your body burns calories while at rest
-Exercising daily increases resting metabolism
-When you add  Bands, your resting metabolism Sky  Rockets

Build and Maintain Muscle
-The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest
-When you use  Bands,  you stimulate muscle growth

Build Strength
 Bands fatigue muscles at an accelerated rate
-Fatigued muscles will adapt and become stronger

Build More Power, Coordination and Endurance in your Sport
 will allow you to do sport specific training in a way never possible before using the bands
-Muscles will be fatigued in a whole new way during sport  simulation and will adapt

How does this happen?
-Exercise with  Bands increases Growth Hormone (GH)
-Elevated GH will drive your resting metabolism through the  roof
-Elevated GH will stimulate your muscles to rebuild bigger and  stronger

We Recommend You Combine Four Kinds of Exercise to Perform Better:
-Cardio Exercise with  Bands
-Light Weight or Tubing Exercise with  Bands
-Core Exercise with  Bands
-Sport specific training with  Bands


Daily Schedule - Products

 Start Smoothie
- Blend with 1-2 servings of your favorite fruit, plus ice  and 12 ounces of water
- Or mix with water in your B3 Shaker cup

- High quality protein and complex carbs

Energy Drinks & Pre-Workout -  Alert
- Replace your energy drink or morning coffee with   Alert
- Replace your pre-workout products with  Alert
- Mix with water in your B3 Shaker cup

Additional Protein Source
- Use  Meal between meals to supplement additional  protein
- Use  Meal post workout

Drink Water
- Drink an additional 3-4 glasses of water

Daily Schedule - Exericises


- Fast Walking/Treadmill or Stair Master or Elliptical
- 4 minutes then rest 1 minute. Repeat 2 more times
- Plank position (Elbows and Toes) as long as you can
- Add Upper Body Bands with Lower Body Bands
- Hold light dumb bells while doing cardio

- Upper Body basic 5 exercises with dumb bells
- Increase weight as long as you can maintain 30/20/15 reps on your 3 sets

Day 3 - Sport Specific Training
- Replicate your sport while using all 4 bands
- Do intervals for 5 minutes, then rest and repeat two times
- Example Tennis: Hit 50 shots with all 4 bands, rest and repeat 2 more times
- Example Soccer: Dribble ball and practice shots for 5 minutes, rest and repeat 2 more times
- Example Football: Do Football drills for several minutes, rest and repeat 2 more times
* Don't change the sport training or drill, just add the bands.

- Lower Body basic 4 exercises with dumbbells
- Increase weight as long as you can maintain 30/20/15 reps on your 3 sets

(On day 5, start 4 day cycle again)

Always Follow the Safety Precautions when using BBands

  • Put the Bands in the right place
  • Never occlude arterial flow with improper use
  • Keep exercise sessions to ~ 20 minutes
  • Don’t lift heavy weights
  • Hydrate properly with water

* If you have any health concerns before starting an exercise program consult your physician
* If you are pregnant consult your physician before starting an exercise program