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The Best BFR Bands from B3 Sciences

“The Best BFR Bands (Blood Flow Restriction Bands) are designed and constructed with high quality concepts to deliver many, many hours of benefits,” stated Dr. Mike DeBord, president of B3 Sciences, Inc. “Quality design and quality construction are what separates the best of any product from the ‘also-rans’. Blood Flood Restriction Bands are such an…

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Physical Therapy with Blood Flow Restriction

“Blood Flow Restriction Bands, also called BFR Bands, are a tremendous addition to the toolbox of physical therapists,” stated Dr. Mike DeBord of B3 Sciences, Inc. “It is probably the most impactful equipment for physical therapy in the last 50 years. The BFR equipment has been refined and now there are inflatable BFR bands that…

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Thor God Of Thunder Reveals His Muscle Building Secret BFR Bands

Thor, a superhero film produced by Marvel Studios, starred Chris Hemsworth who recently disclosed his body building secret for his “Big Guns” to the world – BFR Bands. “Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Bands are the latest technological revolution in body building, weight loss, sports performance improvement, and general exercise. Professional and amateur athletes have recognized…

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